Community council
Learning Academy

Community Council Learning Academy (CCLA) is a private academic institution. Children referred to the program often exhibit educational and/or behavioral challenges. CCLA assists the School District of Philadelphia in providing therapeutic interventions at school without interfering with a student receiving his or her educational instruction. To learn more about CCLA, click here.

Emotional Support

The TESC program was designed to address the concerns of the growing number of TSS (Therapeutic Support Staff) present in schools throughout the city of Philadelphia. In the TESC classroom, those students who would have initially been referred for in-school BHRS services are authorized by CBH for 181 days to have a full time Master Level Clinician who is assigned to 4 or more students in the classroom. To learn more about our Emotional Support programs, click here.

Charter Schools

Clinical Support Services have trained professionals that can provide clinical support to identified students. These professionals are trained in Evidenced-Based Models that can assist students with guidance and skills that can be transferred to students in order to become successful across all settings. To learn more about our Charter Schools services, click here.