Nurturing Children for Success 


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The Emotional Support Classroom (ES) goals are to provide the highest academic and ethical services that will foster positive interactions with each other and society as a whole. It is our main focus to identify student’s strengths as they work diligently with our staff to become lifelong learners and productive in the school community.

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Community Council Learning Academy (CCLA) is a private academic institution. Children referred to the program often exhibit educational and/or behavioral challenges. CCLA assists the School District of Philadelphia in providing therapeutic interventions at school without interfering with a student receiving his or her educational instruction.

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Clinical School Services is staffed by professionals trained in Evidence-Based Models. They are available to provide clinical support services including guidance and life skills. Our goal is to assist identified students in becoming successful across all settings.

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The Educational Services Divisions mission is to provide a safe and structured educational environment where children and adolescents can be nurtured. We are passionate and committed to the children we serve. We understand and appreciate their differences and focus our efforts on supporting their success. 

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A supportive environment for every student

Are you interested in finding out if Community Council Learning Academy is the right special education school for your child? Ask a school district administrator to fill out the form below.


Community Council Learning Academy

CCLA services children who fall underneath the umbrella of special education. All children within the program have an individualized education plan. The students have an array of disabilities; but the majority of the population has an emotionally disturbed diagnosis. The students we service range between 1st and 12th grade.

The program utilizes research-based intervention programs for both math and literacy. Community Council Learning Academy is a private academic school licensed by the state of Pennsylvania. It follows state standards and guidelines.