Core Services

Community Council Learning Academy (CCLA) is a private academic institution. Children referred to the program often exhibit educational and/or behavioral challenges. CCLA assists the School District of Philadelphia in providing therapeutic interventions at school without interfering with a student receiving his or her educational instruction. 

CCLA services children who fall underneath the umbrella of special education. All children within the program have an individualized education plan. The students have an array of disabilities; but the majority of the population has an emotionally disturbed diagnosis. The students we service range between the ages of 5-21 years of age. 

Program Goals

  • Show progress in Reading and Math (as reflected in the IEP)
  • Decrease number of suspensions
  • Increase student attendance
  • Increase number of students returning to least restrictive environment (LRE)


The program utilizes research based intervention programs for both math and literacy. Those programs are Language, Lexia and Corrective Math. In addition, Community Council’s Learning Academy follows the School District of Philadelphia's common core principles. 


Students are co-facilitator of social skills groups that take place on a daily basis. 


Parent Engagement Practices

CCLA’s goal is to involve parents at all levels of their children’s academic and therapeutic needs. The team communicates weekly with all parents whether it’s via telephone or face to face. In addition, all parents are required to participate in annual IEP meetings, parent teacher conferences, back to school and other scheduled school events. 

Family Inclusion Practices

During the school year the program implements celebrations during identified holidays and hold meet and greet sessions. The celebrations focus on bringing all students and families together to show a sense of belonging, generosity and pride in them.